Creative thinking has its advantages.

Before companies go into business, they start out as ideas. Here at Artesia, the idea is simple.

We approach real estate investment 180 degrees from the way large institutional investors do. They orbit an old idea. One that relies on reams of data and slow-moving teams. More often than not, these investors are compelled to push capital through the pipeline to deliver “safe investments.”

Artesia is leaner, nimbler, savvier, more self-reliant and self-motived. We identify properties we know have intrinsic value and act on them quickly. A rich niche of properties that become enduring investments with the right turn-around strategies.

There’s nothing quite as powerful as an idea whose time has come.

Foundation Supply / Charlotte, NC

Success Stories

Our understanding creates
access to opportunity.

Artesia’s hyper-local approach is hyper-attractive. It gives us swift, exclusive access to the best deals. We select only those assets that closely match our proven model. We know the sweet spot. Our success is a direct result of repeating our systematic execution within that space.

We identify places where the market is inefficient. Find deals and close them. Pursue and close up the properties.

Want to see how we think? Check out one of our latest development projects: Foundation Supply, an 8-acre creative office and retail complex in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The rewards of really knowing a place can only work to your advantage.

Midtown Point / Austin, TX


By the numbers.

$600mm portfolio value
(including $270mm, or 45%, for exited investments)
$120mm equity invested
60% appreciation over cost
222 properties purchased since 2012
38 active projects and investments
6 markets and growing
98% deals passed on historically
2-3 years average speed of initial capital return
4,850 multifamily units acquired and renovated
$140mm value of commercial portfolio

The Grove / Raleigh, NC


A clear focus.

Artesia is close knit. Decisions on when to invest—and when to withhold—are made solely by the company. We are dedicated to delivering top portfolio performance by focusing intently on each investment, always putting the investor’s interest first. Our intimate knowledge of a particular area or corridor—as well as constantly monitoring the pulse on the broader market and overall economy—give us a comprehensive understanding of when to hold and when to sell. Our primary focus is producing the best returns. We accomplish this goal by investing in projects that enable both the client and the communities they are part of to flourish.

We pride ourselves in timely, consistent, accurate communications and reporting. We make the communication flow with investors seamless through our investor portal—and we are responsive to an investor’s over-the-transom emails or phone calls. Transparency is critical, particularly in instances of unforeseen risks to an investment. Our policy is to pump the brakes a bit when there is good news on the upside—but get the bad news to the client as soon as we know about it so there are no surprises in the process.