The Team

A collaborative approach.

Don Palmer

Daniel Forbes
Asset Manager

Our team has diverse backgrounds: financial modeling, negotiating, auditing, leasing, management, tax issues and more are all within our purview. Our combined experience encompasses wide ranging product types and more than $600 million in investments.

The sum of our experience is key to our success.


Colin Brothers, Artesia’s founder and principal, oversees its investment strategies, acquisitions, investor relations, capital formation and asset management. Colin has overseen the acquisition of more than $320 million of real estate, with a total cost of $400 million and a value of over $600 million. Colin’s twelve years’ experience in real estate includes over eight years growing Artesia and the previous four years with Lionstone Investments.


Sweat equity.
There’s just no substitute.


Artesia is born—armed with years of proprietary research that will chart the course of the company’s long-term growth markets. Builds out a network of brokers in Austin.


Artesia’s first investments are secured.
> 498 units acquired


Artesia launches a fund focused on buying apartments in central Austin.
> 363 units acquired


Feb/Mar acquired first covered land position in infill Austin (purchased, re-zoned, then sold to an apartment developer within 16 months) and expanded into Raleigh, NC with multiple apartment acquisitions
> 990 units acquired


Developed strategy of acquiring duplexes and fourplexes in high-growth neighborhoods in Austin, created a fund for it and sold all 32 properties within 28 months at 50% appreciation over cost. Acquired a budget hotel in Austin (covered land) that Artesia ultimately joint ventured with an office developer to demo the building and build office on the site. Continued building out the apartment portfolio in Raleigh/Durham.
> 437 units acquired


Acquired 22 acres of covered land in Austin with zoning allowed for 2-3mm SF. Continued building out the apartment portfolio in Raleigh/Durham.
> 423 units acquired


Acquired a retail center along S. Congress in Austin (covered land). Acquired multiple apartment complexes in Raleigh/Durham and in tertiary markets in North Carolina.
> 985 units acquired


Expanded into three new markets with the purchase of two apartment complexes and one adaptive re-use office project in Charlotte, NC
> 1,108 units acquired


Acquired land in East Austin for office development. Revisit long-term growth markets and expand over time.



As we have grown, so has
our definition of success.

We believe that the strength of an investment is determined by more than numbers. When we commit to a property, we also commit to a community. Many areas we work in are experiencing complex issues that come with civic evolution. We want our impact to contribute to the greater good and make it a priority to dedicate time and resources to supporting neighborhoods at the local level. Whether we are volunteering or advocating for area interests, our goal is to do everything we can to help the communities we invest in to prosper and thrive.



Bottom line, you want to build your future
with an independent-minded investment team.

We see the value in approaching our work with an entrepreneurial mindset. As connected and knowledgeable as Artesia has proven ourselves to be, we’ve never relied on reputation alone. We don’t have an ounce of herd instinct. We don’t follow formulas. We set our sites on doing more and expanding our range. Having a collaborative approach helps us work as one team, and allows us to respond to the micro movements in the market with agility and ease.

If you are motivated and disciplined, prefer building ideas with people and see problems as opportunities for innovative solutions, we’d love to hear from you.

Email us at for more information.